Latest Project

Here are a few pictures from my latest completed project:

The Bernoulli Bed

The Bernoulli Bed was a custom commissioned king size bed. The client asked for a platform bed that sat low to the ground , allowed air to move through/under and was rich with color. Naturally walnut was the choice. Not being fans of montone materials we chose to offset the walnut with maple accents. The overall theme of the bed was light and airy. Playing on this we curved the headboard resulting in a thinning piece which resembled a wing structure, thus earning the name, The Bernoulli Bed.

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The Sugi Coffee Table

The Sugi is comprised of solid Pine. The Sugi plays on contrasing colors. The natural finish shows glows yellow when set adjacent to the traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban finish. Shou Sugi Ban is essentially charring the wood with a torch then immediatley halting the process by dousing in water. We then choose to scrub off the as which leaves a textured surface showing off the natural grain. No stains are used, the color is a left over for the charring. The Sugi measures 48" (L) x 20" (W) x 15" (H).

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The Plirch Coffee Table

The Plirch uses laminted on edge plywood contasted with a white lacquered wood to achieve a long linear look. The eye is drawn to the laminations which provide a rich organic look, an absolute essential to any living space. The Plirch measures 48" (L) x 20" (W) x 15" (H).

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The Wine Cave

In the summer of 2012 I was asked to build a wine cellar. My client gave me one directive - Don't Build it Cool, Build it Awesome!

Challenge Accepted!

This video shows the progression from an under utilized 350 sq/ft storage room into a climate controlled 750 bottle capacity cellar that was designed to resemble a cave using both hand scultped and stamped vertical concrete. The solid wood counter top is comprised of reclaimed timbers slavaged from a grain elevator from rural Alberta. All elements of this space were used to further the vison of a damp cave.

This project was fantastic to work on. Not only did it push my skill set but I was able to further develop my artistic side, a true proper fusion work. This is the absoulte definition of a signature project from Como Designs.

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The Pixel Wet Bar

The Pixel Wet Bar was created for a client's basement media room. The client had aspirations of a small serving area that included a sink, fridge and something that caught the eye of visitors. The photos below show the final product. The main emphasis was put into the counter top and backsplash. The long linear lines of the solid maple counter stretch the bar top across the room while the backsplash adds a dramatic color punch and visual interest. Objective complete!

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